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 NOTE ON THE NUMBERING: When a Hymn is chosen and the Sibelius File has loaded, the numbers in the upper left hand corner of the display are as follows: If only one number is present, that is the 1940 PECUSA Hymnal numbering. If two numbers are present and separated by an "/", then the left number is the 1940 PECUSA hymnal, whereas the right # denotes the 1982 ECUSA Hymnal numbering system. More cross referencing is planned for the future.

Come, ye thankful people, come - Claudius
We plow the fields, and scatter - Wirpflugen
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow - Old Hundredth
Praise to God, immortal praise - Dix
My country, 'tis of thee - America
O say can you see - National Anthem
God of our fathers - National Hymn
Lord God, we worship thee - Nun Danket
God bless our native land - America
God of our fathers, known of old - Old Hundred Twelfth
O God, beneath thy guiding hand - Duke Street
I vow to thee, my country all - Thaxted
Eternal Father, Strong to Save - Melita
O beautiful for Spacious skies - Materna

Battle Hymn of the Republic (& other Midis)

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