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PDF 88.88.88

God of the living, in whose eyes
Unveiled thy whole creation lies,
All souls are thine; we must not say
That those are dead who pass away;
From this our world of flesh set free,
We know them living unto thee.
Released from earthly toil and strife,
With thee is hidden still their life;
Thine are their thoughts, their works, their powers,
All thine, and yet most truly ours;
For well we know, where'er they be,
Our dead are living unto thee.
Thy word is true, thy will is just;
To thee we leave them, Lord, in trust;
and bless thee for the love which gave
Thy Son to fill a human grave,
That none might fear that world to see
Where all are living unto thee.
O breather into man of breath,
O holder of the keys of death,
O giver of the life within,
Save us from death, the death of sin,
That body, soul, and spirit be
For ever living unto thee. Amen.

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