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NOTE ON THE NUMBERING: When a Hymn is chosen and the Sibelius File has loaded, the numbers in the upper left hand corner of the display are as follows: If only one number is present, that is the 1940 PECUSA Hymnal numbering. If two numbers are present and separated by an "/", then the left number is the 1940 PECUSA hymnal, whereas the right # denotes the 1982 ECUSA Hymnal numbering system. More cross referencing is planned for the future.


God the Father, God the Son - Lebbaeus
God the Father, God the Son - Westerly
God the Father, God the Son - Farnaby
Jesus, Son of God most high - Peacefleld
Jesus, with thy Church abide - Litany of the Passion
Jesus, with thy Church abide - Hervey's Litany
Spirit blest, who art adored - Scheffier
Spirit blest, who art adored - Evelyn


Advent tells us Christ is near - Innocents
Once in royal David's city - Irby 102
Behold a little child - Arthur's Seat
Father of mercy - St. Elisabeth
Father, we thank thee for the night - Wainwright
Jesus, tender Shepherd - Evening Prayer
Jesus, tender Shepherd - Brocklesbury
Hush! my dear, lie still and slumber - Cradle Hymn
Can you count the stars that brightly - Twinkling Stars
I think when I read - Luke
Savior, like a shepherd lead us - Sicilian Mariners 708
Thy Gospel, Jesus, we believe - St. Stephen
I worship thee - Christ is my life


Spread, O spread, thou mighty word - Gott sei Dank
From Greenland's icy mountains - Missionary Hymn
Awake, thou spirit of the watchman - Crasselius
O Spirit of the living God - Melcombe
Hasten the time appointed - Lancashire
Fling out the banner - Waltham
How wondrous and great thy works - Old Hundred Fourth
How wondrous and great thy works - Lyons
O Zion, haste thy mission high fulfilling - Tidings
Remember all the people - Far Off Lands
The morning light is breaking - Webb

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