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Available for Purchase

Here's a list hymnals, et al, that are available for purchase:

 African American Heritage Hymnal

The Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church

1940 Hymnal (PECUSA)
1940 Hymnal Companion
English Hymnal: 1933

1982 Hymnal (ECUSA)
The Hymnal 1982 Companion
A Scriptural Index to the Hymnal, 1982
A Concordance of the Hymnal 1982
Wonder, Love, and Praise: Supplement to Hymnal 1982

A Shaker Hymnal: Facsimile Edition
The Baptist Hymnal 1991

The United Methodist Hymnal
Companion to the United Methodist Hymnal
Methodist Hymnal Concordance

The Lutheran Hymnal
Lutheran Worship Hymnal Companion

The Presbyterian Hymnal
The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion
The Presbyterian Hymnal: Complete Concordance & Indexes

The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book
The History of American Catholic Hymnals
A Commentary on the Cistercian Hymnal
Our Lady of Mercy Hymnal (1927)