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Our Children
The Christian Faith

A church that is doing what it is called to do by God looks after, cares for, and equips children and their parents to live the Christian life.

Part of the Church's mission deals directly with our children, as we spend our time, love and energy "upholding Christian family values and teaching the Christian faith and New Testament morality to our children."

However, we live in a time in which it has become quite easy to neglect our children's spiritual education, and many parents are sorely tempted to renege on their Christian responsibilities.

This is especially true of fathers, many of whom have abandoned their spiritual duties altogether.

And the outcome is easily seen in many modern families: overloaded mothers, stressed out kids, individual and family prioritizations which say that the temporal is more important than the spiritual.

Such mistakes are nothing new in the history of Christendom. Even a causual reading of Augustine's Confessions, in which he relates that his parents - and especially his father - wanted him, first and foremost, to excel in temporal wisdom to the neglect of growth in Christ and the Faith, shows us that such temptations have been around for a very long time.

And as it was in the past, so it also is today: such parental abandonment of spiritual duties is very shortsighted. Look to the future. What will happen then, when your child faces the moral, ethical and spiritual dilemmas all eventually and inevitably encounter?

The Church is here to help you and your children grow in the Christian Faith. When you have questions about the faith and how to share it with your kids, talk with the clergy, and you will be shown how to fulfill your Christian duties as a parent.

Finally, here's a test to take, which hopefully will show how easy it is to slide into the secular to the neglect of the spiritual...

This past year...

How many hours did your children spend at public (or private) school?
10-50 50-500 500 +

How may hours did they watch TV?
10-50 50-500 500 +

How many hours did they take part in extra-curricular sports and/or school-related activities?
10-50 50-500 500 +

How many hours did they spend at Church - either in Sunday Church School or worshipping together with you as a member of your family?
5-10 10-25 25 +

How many hours did they spend doing Church-related activities - summer camps, work days, etc.
5-10 10-25 25 +

By both your words and deeds, which life arena did you teach your kids better lessons in?
Secular/Profane Spiritual/Sacred

The point of the test is easily seen. If you want your kid(s) to grow up within the Christian faith and to possess the morality which will bring them (and therefore you, too!) wholeness and happiness, then they belong in Church on the Lord's Day with you!

Come to Church each Sunday and bring your kids with you. It WILL change the dynamics of your family for the better. That's part of the promise of the Gospel of Jesus.