Sunday Masses

"Parable of Mercy"
13th Sunday after Trinity, August 26, anno domini 2018  

"Sufficiency: Ours? Or God's?"
12th Sunday after Trinity, August 19, anno domini 2018  

Consecration of East Asia Bishop, Ordination of Priest
Feast of the Assumption, August 15, anno domini 2018


"Parable of the Pharisee & the Publican"
11th Sunday after Trinity, August 12, anno domini 2018


"Parable of the Prodigal Son"
9th Sunday after Trinity, July 29, anno domini 2018


"Form, Structure & Order"
8th Sunday after Trinity, July 22, anno domini 2018


"A Rule of Life"
7th Sunday after Trinity, July 15, anno domini 2018


"Fishers of Men: Our Calling & Defense"

5th Sunday after Trinity, July 1, anno domini 2018


"Hopeless Creatures, Motes & Mercy"
4th Sunday after Trinity, June 24, anno domini 2018

Beverley Colleen O'Brien Eulogy, 6/23/18

"Buffoons, Change & Judgement"
3rd Sunday after Trinity, June 17, anno domini 2018


"Excuse Makers, Providences & Friendship"
Second Sunday after Trinity, June 10, anno domini 2018

"Food For Body & Soul" 
1st Sunday after Trinity, June 3, anno domini 2018


David Colburn DuBois Eulogy 6/22/18


David Colburn DuBois, Requiescat in pace


Trinity Sunday, May 27, anno domini 2018


Sermon: "With God At Our Side"
Pentecost Sunday, May 20 anno domini 2018

Sermon: "Comfort, Charity & A Vision Of The Future"
Sunday after Ascension Day, May 13, anno domini 2018



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