Saint Luke's Church
Anglican Diocese of Arizona
1928 Book of Common Prayer
Sedona, Arizona  


Sunday Mass


Advent - Whitsuntide Sermons + anno domini 2018 - 2019

~ The Easter Acclamation ~
V. The Lord is Risen
R. He is risen indeed

Ms. Sandy Rhoads + Parish Horticulturist
Ms. Cornelia Landis + Madonna & Child Chapel Docent
Mr. Steve Sandner + Parish Organist
Ms. Gayle McClellan + Associate Organist
Messrs Andrew Budlong & Alex Tylecote + Servers/Readers

The Reverend Mister David M. Cooper + Deacon
The Right Reverend David McMannes + Bishop/Rector

Adult Education 2019

Saint Luke's Masses


Madonna and Child Chapel
~ Open Dawn to Dusk ~ 


Saint Luke's Church - the home of...

Calling Card

Sandy Rhoads, Steve Sandner, Julienne & Gary Kincaid + Concert Assistants



Offering Plate