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Sunday Masses at Saint Luke's Church

first mass

An ORDER FOR MASS will be available when you visit us (click HERE for a PDF copy). As worship is a bit different in each parish - even with the 1928 Book of Common Prayer - it is our hope that the Order for Mass will help give you a more full understanding of the liturgical worship of Almighty God in our parish: and, in so doing, that you will be lifted up to true and holy worship and adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sunday Mass takes place at nine o'clock in the morning. It normally includes the rich ceremonial and ritual of the historic Church - hymns, chanting, etcetera. However, during the Summer it is a simple Mass with but two hymns (the opening and closing) and normally no incense. Each Sunday the mass is streamed live on the internet, and is also subsequently posted on our web page entitled "Sunday Masses"