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Burial at
Saint Luke's Church

Traditional Anglicans and Episcopalians have always preferred to be buried near their parish church. Churchyards throughout England and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States are graceful examples of this long-standing custom.

With this in mind, we have created the Memorial Garden, so that parish members and others will have the opportunity to secure a final resting place for their cremated remains on hallowed ground.

The Memorial Garden is a self-supporting service of our parish, with all monies received designated for further beautification of the area and for perpetual care.

Following are some questions and answers, in regard to your participation in this service of Saint Luke's.

Where is the Memorial Garden?
It is located within the enclosed courtyard area, and the central location and closeness to the church itself serves as a visible and powerful reminder of those "who have gone before us, and are at rest in the sleep of peace" and that Mother Church is made up not only of the Church Militant, but the Church Expectant and Triumphant, too!

Will the burial places be marked?
A bronze plaque should be purchased by the family at the time of death - see "What does it cost" below - and will subsequently be placed in the garden, but not "at" the precise burial site. However, when the family of the deceased attend the burial office of their Loved One and the graveside liturgy is done, they will know precisely where the cremains are buried through that event.

What does it cost?
The donation to the Memorial Garden for each person to be buried within the Garden is $900.00 for members of the parish, while the non-members donation is $1,200.00 per person. The cost for the bronze plaque is separate and changes often, and therefore is determined when the burial takes place, and is paid directly to the funeral home by the family of the deceased. The donation monies, however, must be paid when the decision is made to participate in this ministry of the Church.

Should I prepay for the burial?
Prepayment is important for several reasons. First, it helps to reserve a place for you, and enables us to complete the Memorial Garden. Secondly, paying now ensures the cost for the plot to be fixed, as costs are adjusted in January of each year. Thirdly, prepayment relieves surviving family members from having to make decisions during the difficult time following your death.

What if I move, and want to be buried at another location: can I get my investment back?
No. The cost for the burial is non-refundable, as it is merely a donation to the Memorial Garden Fund.

How can I begin this process?
First of all, contact the Bishop. He will give you the appropriate materials needed so that you might begin bringing together a written list of your wishes and desires regarding burial, etcetera.

He will also be able to give you an idea of the difference in costs between the normal burial (with casket, body, burial plots, etcetera) and the nominal costs which will be incurred by participation in the Memorial Garden.

Who may purchase a place in the garden?
All members of the parish, while non-members may also, with the Bishop's approval.

More Questions?
Telephone the church, and talk directly with Bishop McMannes. He can be reached at the Church at: 1.928.282.7366, or via E-mail.

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[January, Anno Domini 2009]